Sauna Pro 3One great way to detox the body, flush away the toxins and sweat away unwanted pounds and inches is to visit a sauna. However, it is not always convenient to go to a sauna. For one, you need to sit in the sauna doing nothing productive except sit until you are done. Secondly, saunas circulate hot air all around so your entire body gets the sauna's heat but does not necessarily target the problem areas you wish to slim down. But, with Sauna Pro 3, you get the sauna treatment right in the comfort of your home and it goes straight to work on your problem areas. Right there!

When you order the Sauna Pro 3, you actually get 3 personal sauna belts (1 large, 2 medium) so that you could target 3 problem areas in one go. Now you need not sit and inhale hot, sweaty air and you need not sit on those hard, uncomfortable and hot wooden benches. You can choose to sit anywhere you wish, even in front of your television set. Simply attach Sauna Pro 3 to your abdomen, waist, hips or thighs, set the desired temperature (adjustable from 95 degrees to 149 degrees) on the LED timer and temperature control device, plug it into the electrical outlet, and you are ready to lose inches! Secure velcro attachments keep the belts in place while the heat works on the targeted areas. You could be relaxing watching TV or reading a book and Sauna Pro 3 goes to work. For even faster results, wear the belts while you are exercising and bring the heat up even more with a turbo boost.

Bring the sauna effect into your home by getting the Sauna Pro 3 belts and cut out the inches and pounds in the comfort of your own home.

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