The Rhythm Rocker is a fantastic ab machine that you use while sitting down. You can lose 7 pounds in 7 days! The nearly effortless way to get rid of belly fat, if you want to get flat abs fast and enjoy while doing it, this Rhythm Rocker review will show you how to rock your way into doing so.

The overall weight loss benefits of using the Rhythm Rocker ab machine are tremendous. Those who are on the heavy side tend to not want to exercise as they will get exhausted. This ab machine won't tire you out right away and using it is not a challenge! What the Rhythm Rocker does is enable you to do a targeted ab workout and a core and cardio workout at the same time while sitting down. By simply going along with the rocking movement and moving your hips to make the seat of the Rhythm Rocker go the direction you it want to, getting rid of love handles and burning calories can be achieved.

Though this Rhythm Rocker reviews video featuring Sheri Shepard on The View with Whoopie Goldberg may be hilarious, you will see how great an ab machine it truly is.

The Rhythm Rocker has the unique Stabilizing InterAxial Technology. This enables you to bring about dual-direction resistance because it can make your body move a full 360 degrees. Move like you are wearing a hula hoop, doing crunches, swing your hips, by using the Rhythm Rocker to have a smooth and gliding exercise routine.

The grio handles on the sides further enhance the control you have over this fantastic ab machine. The resistance level that is vital to give you that burn may be created by the levering of your body's weight against the tilting action. When you move on the Rhythm Rocker, just by holding the handles to balance and aid in your movements, you add the kind of force that will tone your muscles and make you shed fat.

This Rhythm Rocker reviews offer includes 5 Rhythm Rocker workout DVD's which includes the Core Training, Blast Rhythm Moves, and Drills Full Body Routine, the 7-Day Fat Burning & Nutrition Guide, and Travel Bag so you can bring it along with you wherever you go.

How would you like to lose 7 pounds in 7 days while sitting down? Losing weight and getting rid of belly fat can be fun with the newest ab machine that will shape you up fast, the Rhythm Rocker.