How many times have you looked forward to summer and the beaches, only to feel frustrated when you don’t fit into your swimwear? The same frustration sets in when you look in the mirror and see yourself getting bigger each time. Your worries will soon be over. Brett Hoebel, a nutrition and fitness expert, has created Revabs, a unique ab solution using Abcentrics, a training technique proven to burn fat while working your entire midsection from 6 different angles. With a little hard work and determination, you are guaranteed to have flat-ribbed abs in just 90 days.

With your order of Revabs, you get twelve ab workout routines in 10 DVDs:

  • Abcentrics & How to Capoeira
  • Fire Up Your Abs
  • Power Intervals
  • Total Strength / Mercy Abs
  • Rev It Up Cardio
  • Fat-Burning Abs
  • Power Intervals 2
  • Strength & Endurance / Merciless Abs
  • Full Throttle Abs
  • Full Throttle Intervals

Revabs also includes a RevGuide to let you in on Brett’s personal weight loss philosophy and a Day-By-Day Calendar so you know which workout gives maximum results for a leaner, well-toned body. With Revabs, get strength training to tone and tighten your entire core, making every single movement count. Its ab training sculpts and flattens your entire ab section, giving it a more-defined, tighter six-pack, while its interval training burns off fat and makes your ab muscles work together during each repetition of every exercise. Whether you are working out your legs , or your arms, or conditioning your entire body, the Revabs primarily focuses on the abs especially the lower area, for total body transformation. Your results will depend on your starting point and the effort you put into your workout.

Summers and beach trips will never be the same again with Revabs as a partner in keeping your abs looking their best. Now you’ll be able to fit into those body-flattering clothes that have been hanging in the closet. This time, it’s goodbye to flab and hello to great abs!!!