Resveratrol SelectYou've probably heard of resveratrol, a compound found in the skins of certain fruits like cranberries, grapes and blueberries.  This is one reason why a moderate daily intake of red wine is encouraged -- it has resveratrol, which contains beneficial antioxidant properties which are supposed to be good for one's health.  Studies are now showing that drinking red wine can fight aging, while reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases and even lung cancer.  But what if you are one of those who want the resveratrol but not the alcohol that goes with the wine? Resveratrol Select provides you with all the benefits of resveratrol minus the effects of alcohol. And what's more, added ingredients in Resveratrol Select improve your metabolism and fat-burning capabilities. You end up healthier and able to lose weight as well.

Resveratrol Select contains a powerful dose of resveratrol. Just one dose of it is equivalent to about 200 glasses of red wine. Its other active ingredients aside from resveratrol (scientifically known as Polygonum cuspidatum root extract), are Chromium, green tea extract, and L-Theanine. Chromium is a mineral that transforms protein, fat and sugar into energy. The green tea extract and L-Theanine improve digestion and help flush toxins from the body. Taken together, all these ingredients assist with your goal to lose weight. How? By adding energy to your body which, in turn, improve your metabolism or the ability to burn all those unwanted fat. Once you start using Resveratrol Select regularly, fat deposits will no longer stay in your body. Even those that have already been stored as unwanted fat will slowly be dissolved as you burn them up.

Resveratrol Select is not your usual health supplement. It will provide you with healthy antioxidants via its resveratrol ingredient and aid in healthy and safe loss of weight through its other active ingredients.

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