Red ExerciserWhen you want to strengthen your abdomen and get rid of your love handles without getting out of your house, there is a great waist trimmer called the Red Exerciser. It is a special kind of exerciser chair where you sway the seat with your butt from left to right, or do rotational sequences if you prefer. Whichever way you exercise with it, you will certainly get a good workout.

Exercising is easy and fun to do with the Red Exerciser. Children and adults will find that slimming down or even keeping in great shape doesn’t have to be so difficult. The Red Exerciser may look small and fragile, but it actually is very strong and durable. It has strong handles on each side for a tight grip and for better balance which helps to sculpt your body to the figure you want. A few minutes on the Red Exerciser can give you maximum results. Since being seated for a long time can make you tired, the Red Exerciser seat is made of a special cushion-like foam which is very comfortable. The ergonomically-designed handles are adjustable and so is the seat. When you tighten the knob, you make the seat harder to move and so there is more resistance. And the more resistance there is, the more worked out your mid-section gets which is great because you burn more calories while strengthening all those muscles in your body. You can choose either to extend your legs or fold your knees until the end of your routine. Either way, you burn calories fast.

The Red Exerciser unit comes with a DVD which suggests 24 different exercise routines and a nutritional program which you can apply to your fitness program. The Red Exerciser is a great choice for a good workout and a slimmer you.

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