With this private STD testing service, you can avail of the FREE call-in doctor's consultation if the results turn out positive. Before you even choose a STD test from this service - which has much lower cost than going to a medical facility - you can take a FREE personal test recommendation. These services and more are offered exclusively online by STD Test Express, the company that ensures you of complete privacy for your STD test.

STD Test Express will expertly facilitate for you to get the STD test of your choice in over 1,800 testing centers nationwide. Using the STD Test Service will make it easy for you to make an appointment, take the test, and get the results. If you want to, use a fake name to hide your identity. This means that from the time you call in to use the services of STD Test Express, when the lab test sched is  made, as you go through the testing procedure, and when the results are sent, you real name will never appear and it will be like you have never gotten a test.


Why do you need to keep such a test private, even if the results are negative? For one, it's not really nice to let the whole world know that you are sexually active even thought it is a fact that nearly everybody is! The next reason why you might want to keep it under wraps is because it might be the cause of people beginning to avoid you and you will lessen your chances to score! Of course, wouldn't you think twice if you found out the person that you are going to do it with announces, "Hey, I just got an STD test and it came out negative." The flames of passion will die down immediately and it's as unethical as saying to your partner, "When did you have your last STD test?"

One in every four Americans contract a kind of STD at least once in their lifetime. Stop wondering about if you have it or not. Know the results so that you can deal with any problem right away before any kind of sexually transmitted disease gets full blown and starts ruining not only your sex life, but also your health. Get private STD testing and save money by using the services of a reputable STD testing service facility.

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