posture proPosture Pro Lumbar Seat Support is an anatomically designed chair accessory. It is made with breathable, durable, mesh material that has a scientifically designed frame and two straps to be hung at the back rest of a chair. Thousands of people suffer from back pains and one of the primary causes of this is sitting down for a long period of time. Office workers have to sit down on their table or in front of a computer for at least eight hours a day. Research studies have shown that because of the spinal alignment caused by the sitting position, the load on your lower back spine is increased up to 250%. There are many who resort to standing up or doing some of the recommended exercises to prevent these kinds of pains or to get relief. By placing Posture Pro on a chair, you can sit down comfortably for longer hours ensuring that your back will still maintain the proper S alignment while relieving the pressure from your lower lumbar area.

Another common problem associated with sitting down and leaning back for hours on end is the heat emanated to the back from the constant contact of the back rest of a chair. This heat usually leads to perspiration and the person will get a sweaty back. If the persons back is wet from sweat and a burst of air suddenly hits it, the person might get ill and get either a cold or in worse cases, even pneumonia. Aside from this, the back region has very sensitive skin and continuously leaning on it may lead to getting skin problems such as black heads and pimples. The air circulation provided by Posture Pro will help reduce the risks of these problems.

There is a slight cushiony bounce that a person can feel when they lean back on their Posture Pro. When you lean back the cushion bounce Posture Pro can help you feel more relaxed as the wire mesh frame snuggly supports your back. Leaning back is not limited by the back frame of the chair and you will feel like there is an air cushion instead of hard back chairs.

It's lightweight enough for you to bring along anywhere you go and use during seminars and other similar lengthy events. Give your back a much needed break from the daily pressure it is subjected to. Keep your spine properly aligned while sitting down. Prevent back pains and help relieve any back pains by using a Posture Pro while sitting down on a chair. Buy Posture Pro today and get a 25% discount off the already low retail price. Hurry! This offer is only available for a limited time.

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