A great workout is one that strengthens bones and muscles, improves your balance, gives you good posture, and keeps your body healthy against viral diseases. For strengthening bones, joints, and muscles, the PiYo Workout is best to use for sports training, athlete drills, dance stretching, and simply for core conditioning. Created by Chalene Johnson, an internationally-known fitness trainer, the PiYo Workout gives your body a series of exercise movements for better blood circulation, bone and joint flexibility, and muscle strengthening.

The PiYo Workout is a great workout because it is a combination of Pilates and Yoga exercises. The PiYo Workout has four (4) DVDs with each Volume having two full-body workouts. PiYo Fan Volume 1 includes the Introduction to PiYo and Lesson 8; PiYo Fan Volume 2 includes Lesson 7 and Lesson 9; PiYo Fan Volume 3 includes PiYo Form Technique and Lesson 10; and PiYo Fan Volume 4 includes Lesson 5 and Lesson 11.

Beginners can exercise with PiYo Fan Volume 1 without pressure because they initially learn how to balance their bodies and flex their muscles and joints without difficulty and pain. If you are an advanced fitness enthusiast, you can do more difficult movements in PiYo Fan Volumes 2 to 4. The exercises here are more rigid and complex, but it is at PiYo Fan Volume 4 where you burn more calories at a faster rate. In order that your body does not harm a plateau, you can alternate exercise volumes every month or so. This will also keep your bones and joints supple and flexible all the time.

The PiYo Workout has every form of exercise you need to accomplish your goals. With regular exercise, the PiYo Workout reduces your stress level and keeps your body healthy and immune to viral diseases. The earlier you start doing the PiYo Workout, the earlier you will get that knockout figure you want.

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