p90xMy name is Christopher J. I am a 29-year-old firefighter in the Air National Guard who recently returned home from deployment in Kuwait. While I had been in decent enough shape to perform my training and duties here at home, after only a few days in the desert I realized that my fitness level was less than ideal for the harsh climate I encountered there. That was when one of my fellow servicemen introduced me to P90X. I was astounded with the rate of improvement in my strength, flexibility, endurance, and tone.

This program is simply the quickest, most effective and well-designed fitness regimen I have ever encountered. Even boot camp yielded weaker results in my overall physical fitness level! The 6 strength-building workouts, including the “Ab Ripper X” focus on specific muscle groups without getting boring, while the plyometric, yoga (yes, yoga), stretch, and cardio programs hone in on flexibility, breathing, stamina, and balance.

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There is also a kenpo disc that contains a fun, hard-hitting cardiovascular workout that jacks up your stamina, coordination, and quickness. By switching from workout to workout and following the plan, you can utilize the systems “muscle confusion” to avoid burning out muscle groups and hitting a wall, which really maximizes and accelerates your progress.

The workouts are intense yet enjoyable, due to the trainers’ abilities to achieve real motivation and push you to continue without sounding like an annoying drill sergeant barking orders. In addition to the program itself, you will also need a pull-up bar, resistance bands, and/or a couple of dumbells. Other than that, all you need is a DVD player, a TV, and a small space to work out in.

Basically what I’m telling you is that, man or woman, fit or flabby, with a little dedication and around an hour a day from you, this system will, in return, give you a more attractive, stronger, more functional, and most importantly, healthier body than the one you have now.

I hope that this, coming from a former skeptic of workout videos in general, has helped you in making the decision, whatever it may be, to get healthy and fit.

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