OPC FactorThese days our lifestyles are filled with so much stress and even the food we eat contributes to added toxin build-up in the body. Antioxidants in health products are now being sought to help detox the body and increase one's energy and stamina. OPC Factor contains one of the most powerful antioxidants available in the market because it has 23 vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes plus a very high absorption rate.

OPC Factor's antioxidant and all-natural formula contains many ingredients such as red wine grape skin extract, grape seed, bilberry extract, French maritime pine bark, lycopene, selenium, Vitamins A, Ester C and E. These help fight free radicals, increase your energy so you can enhance your sport performance, reduce cholesterol levels, diminish joint and muscle pain, reduce PMS symptoms, decrease inflammation and eliminate food cravings. If you're suffering from lethargy, muscle/joint pains or frequent illness, OPC Factor is your best option as it is loaded with all these good antioxidants that increase the oxygen in your system. And when all your cells are full of oxygen, your energy remains high for long periods of time. Just a few days of taking OPC Factor and you will already feel the difference in your body. You feel energized and tire less easily. When you take OPC Factor, you get a unique, isotonic, effervescent system that delivers up to 97% absorption rate of its antioxidant properties directly to your bloodstream. Since antioxidants are oxidized once exposed to air, OPC Factor comes in individually sealed packs so that even the last pack used is as effective as the first.

Your order of OPC Factor comes with 4 free gifts which include The Aging Antidote book, a free quick start guide, a free Restore Face Creme and “The Miracles of OPCs” informational DVD.

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