Regular treadmills have adjustments for speed and incline.  Well, NordicTrack X7i has brought the treadmill experience to a totally different level by incorporating technology and Google Maps into it. Imagine running on it while getting the feel of actually running routes in different places worldwide, complete with a feel of actual, real-world topography like uphill climbs.

The NordicTrack X7i comes with a full-color 7” touchscreen display and is WIFI-enabled. It can interface with iFit Live, a module that connects to a fitness database that allows you to download into the machine customized workouts as well as actual worldwide trails and routes mapped via Google Maps. Even without iFit Live, NordicTrack X7i has installed routes that include the Delicate Arch Trail at Arches National Park, Diamond Head in Hawaii, Bright Angel at the Grand Canyon, Skyline Trail at Mount Rainier, and Panorama at Yosemite National Park. Watching your progress on the colored screen and seeing landscapes as though you were actually on a route is truly awesome. And when the route shows hilly areas, the NordicTrack X7i automatically increases the incline to give you the feel of actually going up the hill.

With NordicTrack X7i, you can exercise on a level surface and challenge yourself by inclining the treadmill up to a 40-degree incline and declines to -6%. Your leg muscles will be challenged in a way it cannot be done with the regular treadmills that often go up to 15-degree inclines max. Workouts are low-impact because you can opt to walk but the inclines push your muscles and achieve results as though you ran, and yet the stress to the body is a lot less. If you’ve hiked up mountains and steep hills, you know that just walking up a steep incline works you just as much as running on a flat surface. Using it becomes even more fun because you can virtually race against Facebook friends, hook up your iPod or mp3 player, or work out with Jillian Michaels through her audio-based workouts if you have iFit Live.

With NordicTrack X7i, you get the power workout you need plus the experience of running routes in different parts of the world complete with the topographic feel that it gives with the automatic incline adjustments.

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