Whether you are a professional athlete, training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), or interested in cardio and strength with MMA being the latest workout buzz - you need to read this Nexersys review.

Nexersys iPower Trainer is your very own virtual personal trainer in the privacy of your own home. Nexersys will improve your striking ability and physical conditioning while always reinforcing good technique to help you build your endurance, speed, agility, strength and power.

Professional athletes know that personal trainers are the key to motivating your workout and can do wonders for the encouragement you need. Nexersys iPower Trainer is an interactive, intelligent piece of fitness equipment with an amazing design.

The Nexersys Trainer has 7 strike pads and 3 strike zones (the head, body and legs) that are tough enough to handle you hardest strikes while also protecting you from injury. The intelligent Nexersys is designed to absorb the energy from your strikes and gives and moves just like a human trainer.

This unique fitness experience is designed for optimal training, it knows how you did yesterday, and how you need to do today to continue your progress to the next level. You can also build your own programs or use the gaming avatar training.

Nexersus iPower Trainer captures measurements to give you feedback to help guide your progress throughout your workout like: heart rate min/max, calories burned; but the best part is Nexersys also gives you your performance measurements to help you maximize your progress each time. Each strike pad contains a 3-axis accelerometer to collect data like accuracy, number of strikes/target number of strikes. power and points - and processes this information to give you quantitative feedback like, your accuracy is 99%. With a computer processing your performance data, you are given factual data as well as the motivation from a virtual trainer.

First of its kind, the Nexersys iPower Trainer is intelligently designed for all levels of fitness. If your a beginner, you will have the privacy and self confidence of a virtual trainer in your own home; and as you become more advanced, Nexersys will help you reach that new level with the intelligent feedback design. Even as your training progresses, as a more advanced user, you will never get bored and will always have the optimal training experience.

    Nexersys Equipment Specs

  • Weight: 154.32 lbs
  • Carton Size: 54.46 x 32.87 x 27.17 (inches)
  • Equipment Footprint: 4.1W x 4.1L x 5.9H (in feet)
  • Workout Area: 8ft L x 10ft W x 8ft H
  • Commercial grade steel frame
  • Professionally tested for 1,000 hours of continuous use
  • Monitor and CPU and Software
  • 19" LCD monitor
  • Carton Size: 19.6 x 5.43 x 17.8 (inches)
  • Custom built computer utilizing TI OMAP Processor
  • Custom Nexersys software running on Linux Operating System
  • 3-axis accelerometer on PCBs mounted on each pad to capture strike data
  • Software Features: Video Training, Avatar Training (gaming), Custom Programs, Preferences and Workout History
  • Feedback: Heart Rate, Calories, Accuracy, Strike Count, Power and Points
    Workout Activities

  • Technique Training – teaching proper strike form, body positions & movements
  • Strike Training – includes 21 unique strikes using fist, knees & feet
  • Cadio Training – strike movements integrated into high intensity body movements
  • Core Training – intense rotation & crunch related exercise integrating strike movements that fire the core muscles

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