Mind Switch - Hypnotherapy Weight LossAre you the type of person who can't help but go on an eating binge when under a lot of stress or when faced with life challenges? You are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people like you gain weight through compulsive eating. It has become comfort food for those who are under pressure, depressed, in trouble, suffer some emotional trouble, or even just plain bored. Rick Collingwood, a leading mind/body expert, who is accredited in Mental Health, Human Behaviors, Hypnotherapy and Counseling, created Mind Switch - Hypnotherapy Weight Loss to help people change their mindset and, in the process, lose weight.

The subconscious is very powerful and when it makes suggestions, we act according to these without consciously being aware of it. This program is not about going on a diet to lose weight. It is all about changing one's mindset so that you think thin. Once you are in this mindset, you will no longer be craving for what next to eat; instead, you will only eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Rick put all his know-how and expertise into 4 CDs (Program Introduction, Weight Loss Control, Healthy Eating, Mind-Body Balance) and you get these when you order, including Rick's program guide. When you listen to what is inside these CDs, Rick will talk you through how to slowly change your perspective so you are able to think thin all the time. Before you know it, you will be eating healthy food and in moderation, thus leading to your losing weight in a natural, not forced, way. This is much better than diets where you could slide bavk and gain all that lost weight back. A new mindset means you continue eating healthy and keep the pounds off.

Start your way to a better you and lose the weight you've gained through emotional eating with Mind Switch - Hypnotherapy Weight Loss.

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