Losing pounds and inches is not all there is to becoming healthy and fit. A good wellness program also makes sure you get the proper nutrition. Met-rx is a total body transformation program that not only provides you workouts for every area of the body but also gives you tips for healthy eating and proper nutrition. And you can start that body transformation from the comfort of your home because Met-rx is meant to be your home gym, personal trainer and nutrition guide all in one.

Progressive resistance training is the key methodology applied in Met-rx. You will go through 3 phases of the program, each phase consisting of 30 days of workouts. As you move from one phase to another, the workouts are upped and become more intense to ensure that you continue to challenge your muscles beyond what it was already used to in the previous phase.

What’s great about Met-rx is that it has been a worldwide leader in sports nutrition and training for over 20 years. That knowledge and experience has been brought to the Met-rx fitness program to ensure that while you are working out, toning and transforming your body, you do not lack nutrition to be able to sustain and complement your workouts.

The Met-rx program can be used by both men and women alike. Of course, as each body is different, everyone will go through the program and progress differently. That is to be expected. But regardless of whether you start out slow and accelerate, or get a jumpstart and taper off, it doesn’t matter. At the end of 90 days, see how your body has changed – more firm, toned, more muscular and sinewy and lighter all around as your excess body fat is lost or redistributed to other areas to give you an all-around look of health.

Met-rx comes in 12 DVDs containing 16 workouts. You also get a trifold wall poster of exercises to serve as a guide, a 90-day workout tracker, a workout ball and pump, a resistance band, a fitness guide, skin calibrator kit, nutrition guide and more. Get yours now and see the difference in just 90 days.