MELT method

Transform your body and get rid of pain when you use the MELT Method. It's a self-help treatment that can make you limber and strong again. You'll feel the blood circulation getting better, those cricks start to disappear, mobility returned, and get to be more agile and pain-free.

Maybe it has been quite sometime since you last did some exercising because of the pain that it give you. Not all exercises are for everyone and that is the sad part for as much as you want to workout, your body might not be able to take it and endure the pain of the muscle aching the next day.

The MELT Method has addressed this need to free your body from those aches and pains, wake up the sleeping muscles, and return the flexibility to the joints. It may sound challenging but it is not as it would just take around 10 minutes a day to do this self-help treatment.

You are aware that people who do yoga and Pilates have the flexibility of movement. How they can arch their back and move which such grace and suppleness is astonishing.  The principles of yoga and Pilates has been integrated into the MELT Method which is to be done with the use of treatment equipment. Like physical therapy, this kind of exercising does not force the body to move further that it is capable of and is to be done gradually, adding mobility each time the exercise is done.

The MELT Method treatment equipment are deceptively simple looking such as different sized treatment balls, a bunion reducer band, and a soft body roller. Yet these are manual therapy treatment equipment that when used with the MELT Method easy to do treatment plans, the body reacts in a positive manner as the inflammation is reduced, organ function is stimulated, the neck and lower back gets to benefit from the decompression, as the connective tissues, nerves, muscles, and joints get more than a massage but therapy.

Therapy isn't just for the ones who have lost nearly all mobility of a limb like their arm like if a person is a stroke victim. Sometimes, the person may have aches and pain that makes them move slower, hampering their mobility, and overtime, may have make them feel sluggish and even gain weight. The aches and pains may be in the hands, feet, back, or neck and these may be from health concerns like arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

It's possible to get home theraphy treatment that is easy to do and will take just minutes a day. You'll feel better right after your first treatment with the MELT Method.

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