Melt It Off G Ball Fitness ProgramAre you looking to lose weight in a few days? Have an outfit that suddenly seems a few sizes smaller than usual? Out for a date on the weekend but find yourself binge-ing by the middle of the week, then feeling guilty after? Not losing the weight you want (despite the exercise) in time for that special occasion? Do not worry! The Melt It Off G Ball Fitness Program is the answer to your problems!

Created by the Olympic gold medalist Mitch Gaylord, the Melt It Off G Ball Fitness Program is designed to engage the core muscles (like the lower back and abdomen) and radiate outwards, targeting every major muscle in your body and melting fat. It can help you to build strong lean arms, help to tone and firm your butt and legs, and will also help to sculpt your abs and slide oblique. With the G Ball incorporated into the Melt It Off G Ball Fitness program, you have the opportunity to shape up as you slim down, as opposed to using traditional weights or other exercises. And because the G ball is not that big and is covered with a grip-able material, it is safe and easy to use with various other exercises!

When used with the G Ball, the Melt It Off G Ball Fitness Program produces optimal results by challenging the users body with its focus on certain parts of the body. Not only does it help as a means of exercise, it also includes a meal plan with day by day calorie slimming, delicious (yet healthy) recipes, a kick start exercise program and a workout schedule (with exercise routines to do on each day) that will help keep those extra pounds and extra fat from coming back. Keep them away for good with a healthy exercise routine, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle thanks to the Melt It Off G Ball Fitness Program.

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