Marpac SleepMateIf you have been jarred awake from sound sleep by a car horn tooting outside, kept up by neighbors' noises, or simply an insomniac who has difficulty falling asleep, it is time to take a look at white noise to neutralize the sounds that keep you awake or prevent you from falling asleep. Marpac SleepMate generates white noise -- so called because it masks background noises such as traffic outside or even sounds from the TV -- and instead makes you listen to a gentle, steady whooshing sound that easily lulls you to sleep.

Marpac SleepMate works by generating a steady, whooshing sound, very similar to that of an electric fan. Some describe it as a rushing wind; others say it sounds like wind blowing on the trees. The sounds are soothing, natural, pleasant to hear and very relaxing. The cap on the top of the Marpac SleepMate is rotated to cover or expose small holes which then control the tone of the noise. A volume switch gives you two settings: low and high. Usually the volume should be such that you hear it but it is not too loud as to distract you and make you focus on the white noise itself. It is a trial and error to find just the right volume but once you have that, it will run soothingly in the background without your even noticing. The unit weighs 1 lb. 10 oz. and is 3.5” in height with a diameter of 5.5” at the base. It is so lightweight that you can easily transfer it from room to room and pick it up easily. On travels, you can bring this with you as well. The housing of the unit is made of thick plastic, giving you that feeling of lasting durability.

You can now be assured of sound sleep as the Marpac SleepMate rocks you to sleep all the time. It's your sleep therapy whenever you can't fall asleep.

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