Malibu PilatesAiming for that toned but not overly muscular buff body? There is finally a way to go on a simple exercise regimen that will get your body looking fabulous with a little hard work and effort. With the Malibu Pilates, you'll sculpt your legs, arms, buns, and thighs while target toning your abs with every move you make. Together with the easy to store Malibu Pilates Chair that’s fitted to work on your legs and arms individually or simultaneously, it offers the best results in the shortest amount of time. You’ll get the workout of famous personalities without all the extra costs.

Malibu Pilates includes 4 videos to help you get that fit and healthy look and lifestyle. One video helps to kick-start your way into a new workout regimen. Another introduces a body sculpting workout that will get you fit from head to toe for as little as 20 minutes a day. The third video includes a 45 minute fat-blasting workout that challenges you to lose weight and tones your body with cardio blasts. Lastly, it includes a guide to help you get into a healthy eating regimen that will raise your fitness levels, tone your muscles and help you to lose weight. What’s more, it includes a special DVD for a daily 30 minute workout exercise and a wall chart with moves that will burn your fat and tone your body.

Why spend for all those expensive fitness equipment that takes up too much space, costs you a bundle, and sometimes ends up abandoned in the corner of a room gathering dust? With Malibu Pilates, you get a celebrities workout without paying the celebrity fee. The Malibu Pilates Chair itself is fairly small, durable, and foldable so you can just fold it up after your exercise and watch as it fits into any small closet or space.

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