Pilates is a great workout for toning and abs but what if going to a gym or fitness center is not always convenient? Malibu Pilates brings the benefits of pilates right into your home. Forget Pilates classes. You can now work on toning, sculpting and firming up of your body just as well as taking a Pilates class. With several levels of difficulty plus fat-burning cardio routines, Malibu Pilates is a one-piece fitness equipment that’s good enough to get you that sexy, Malibu body.

Malibu Pilates is a complete home fitness system that comes with:

  • Malibu Pilates PRO chair
  • 20-minute Malibu Pilates Makeover DVD – a total body sculpting workout
  • Total Dream Body Sculpting Workout DVD – a 45-minute workout that covers both total body sculpting plus “cardio blasts” in a circuit-style workout
  • Malibu Makeover Manual – a 10-day program with suggested exercise rotation and a meal plan
  • DVD with specially designed exercises by Mari Winsor for use with the Malibu Pilates chair
  • A wall chart of top 10 moves by Malibu Pilates co-creator Carroll Krieff

The Malibu Pilates chair is a wooden seat with a vinyl foam pad set on a sturdy steel frame with strong springs. With the exercises provided, routines performed on this chair combine both traditional Pilates moves with “cardio blasts” so that you get both the sculpting and the cardio workout. The routines engage both the major and minor muscle groups so that you become more flexible, stronger and leaner. With the adjustable springs’ resistance coupled with the exercises on the DVDs, the result is firmer, sculpted arms and legs, buns and thighs. The abs also are toned to give that elusive six-pack look. Custom split-step pedals allow you to work on your arms and legs alternatively or simultaneously.


With a Malibu Pilates PRO chair, makeover and body sculpting DVDs and a careful diet plan, you are ready for a better and fitter body. You can even lose at least one size in just 10 days of using the Malibu Pilates.

Take the first step to a healthier and fitter lifestyle with the Malibu Pilates right in your very home. Surprise your family and friends with the new YOU and surprise yourself as well!