Air and magnetic resistance in a rowing machine is like working out on water. Bring on fluid movements with high tech gadgets that monitor the heart rate and more. One of the best home gym machines in the world that has features that make it more awesome to achieve better results is the LifeCORE R100 Rowing Machine.

If you expect a lot from a home gym machine, this rowing machine will surpass them. What is so special about this one? See for yourself what it can do with this reviews LifeCORE R100 Rowing Machine video.

With features many fitness buffs adore, LifeCORE is one of the leading brands for home gym equipment. One of the reasons why is because their home gym machines cater to beginners, advanced and professionals alike. This is possible due to the versatility that has been integrated into rowing machines like the 16 different levels of magnetic resistance of the LifeCORE R100 Rowing Machine.

From the minute you sit down, the difference can be noted by slipping on your feet to the rest. The body movement is enhanced by the foot rest that moves with you. This feature greatly reduces the risk of getting muscle strain. Combined with the gliding action of the seat, working out on a rowing machine can be a gliding experience, with your whole body in synchronicity.

Home gym machines are now high-tech. Gadgets have been added on to this particular LifeCORE item that has a free Large LCD "Blue/Green Backlit" Computer Display and Wireless Heart Rate Chest Strap. It has 15 Challenging Preset Programs which is capable of storing data for 4 users and heart rate controls.

The magnetic resistance sculpts and the air resistance does more for you to get the maximum out of every workout. The time that you spend on this rowing machine is optimized.

Learn more about the features and details of what is called the best rowing machine.

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