Lateral Twist StepperDo you want a fitness equipment that can do more than just tone and strengthen your thighs? Why not use the Lateral Twist Stepper for a faster and more challenging workout? You get optimum results from fast fat-burning exercises included here.

The Lateral Twist Stepper has big anti-skid pedals for you to stand on and it has two, long hand straps or bands which you hold onto for added support and resistance. The Lateral Twist Stepper also has a three-step adjustment cap which you can twist so that you lean forward or backwards in a certain angle. These adjustments add more resistance into your workouts so that when you move and twist your body, you put pressure on your waistline and hips; when your legs are angled, your thighs and buns get stretched and toned; and when you stretch those hand straps or bands, you also workout your upper torso. The strength of exercises you do on the Lateral Twist Stepper can be compared to the strength you use to do mountain climbing. Therefore, this heavy-duty fitness equipment is actually more appropriate for people who have been exercising regularly for many months now. For beginners who wish to use the Lateral Twist Stepper, make sure that you are initially accompanied by a friend while you exercise while you are getting used to the equipment. Further, make sure that your body is ready for the routine. Make warm-up exercises before starting with the routine prepared in the manual. Exercise at your own pace and stop for a moment when your body tells you so.

The Lateral Twist Stepper is safe to use if you follow simple instructions and suggestions accordingly. Getting maximum results with the Lateral Twist Stepper is your biggest fitness accomplishment.

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