Getting rid of unwanted fat especially in the midsection can be a tiring and frustrating experience. So many exercise machines offer to solve your weight concerns. Choose the right exercise machine that is simple to use yet effective, fun to do because it is like dancing, and gives quick results. With the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker, go from one body-sculpting, core-toning set of exercises to the next without having to stop, so you get the maximum benefit of a cardio workout while burning more calories.

Instead of the usual old workouts that leave you tired and bored, the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker lets you  do Rockin’ Latin, Crunchin’ Hip Hop, Salsa, and Rollin Belly Dancing moves just by sitting on its contour-padded seat. Its EZ-grip handles let you decide the level of resistance by using your own body weight to leverage against the movement of the seat that tilts a full 360 degrees with its Rhythm Rocker’s Exclusive Stabilizing InterAxial Technology. This means that it gives a dual-direction resistance, targeting and isolating all the core muscles and the lower back. It tones the abs, obliques, shoulders and arms and strengthens the lower back while you do the latest, hottest moves.

The Kymaro Rhythm Rocker is completely stable, light and easy to use and assemble. Bring it around wherever you go and do your fun workout anytime you want. It gives maximum results as it trains you to do the moves properly. Just sit and dance your way to a trimmer, leaner body with the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker and enjoy yourself while melting those inches away. Do those dance moves that you’ve always wanted to do without worrying about the steps.  Get in shape and say goodbye to those bulging love handles easily with a core and cardio in one workout.  See immediate results with continued use!

When you order the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker, it comes with the following:

  • Easy carrying bag
  • (2) Intro DVDs
  • 17-Day Fat Burning Program
  • Nutrition guide

Now do away with all that unwanted fat fast!!! Don’t get stuck with just hoping to lose unwanted pounds.  Get the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker and work out like a dancer, have fun and enjoy a sexier, healthier body in no time.