If there’s only one fitness equipment you wish to have and still make it work for your body by working on your core, cardio and resistance, there’s none other than KettleWorx, a complete home fitness program designed for men and women by Ryan Shanahan, fitness expert and the creator of KettleWorx.

KettleWorx was designed after kettlebells, a device that looks pretty much like a cannonball with a handle. What makes KettleWorx better than other workouts? It combines cardio, core and resistance workouts with each training session. You get three times the benefit of a workout that works only the core, or just cardio, or just resistance training. And all it takes is about 20 minutes per workout.

If you’re thinking that 20 minutes is short compared to 1-2 hour workouts in a gym or compared to the length of other workout DVDs you may have, it’s because KettleWorx utilizes the short but intense workout approach. Several recent studies have shown that short bursts of intense workouts are actually more beneficial than longer, lower intensity ones. It’s good for your cardiovascular health; at the same time, for those wanting to lose weight, intense workouts raise the body’s metabolic rate, thus burning fat faster.

No, you won’t bulk up when you use KettleWorx. The exercises were designed not just to focus on your arms or legs but to work other muscles as well so you get muscle toning throughout your body. It is recommended that women and those who haven’t had a regular fitness program start with the 5 pound kettlebell then work up to the 10- and 20-pound ones. When men use the heavier kettlebells, they will develop muscle mass from the natural effects of testosterone plus the kettlebell’s effect. For women, they will notice better muscle tone that firms and contours their bodies.

KettleWorx comes in ten DVDs, with about 200 unique exercises, over 12 hours of personalized kettle training and a healthy eating guide. You also get a free kettlebell, of course, so you can start learning how to use it immediately.

Tone, sculpt and contour your body in as fast as six weeks with KettleWorx. You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment because the secret to KettleWorx’s workout series is in the intensity and type of exercises you will get. See just how it will reshape you in no time while losing weight too.

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