The KD Smart Chair is the new electric wheelchair that's lightweight and foldable. This one is sleek in design and can travel for miles. Perfect for anyone who has mobility issues or would like to own a wheelchair like the elderly so they can use it in places such as malls so they won't get tired from walking for a long time.

The KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair provides the freedom of movement and is a way for the person to become more independent. It is a FDA cleared medical device that can support a passenger's weight of up to 265 pounds. It has dual wheel brushless motors and a lithium ion battery that can make it run for 15 miles. With 4 wheels, it looks similar to a stroller with a full-sized chair. It has a joystick for a person to easily maneuver the electric wheelchair to go in the direction that they want and this joystick may be placed on either the left or right arm rest. This compact electric wheelchair weighs 50 pounds and can be folded fast in nearly the same manner as a kid's stroller for storage or to be place in a vehicle.

The KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair has the features that make it one of the best. The mobility that this device offers is superb. The basics of using a wheelchair are covered and the features like the number of miles it can travel and how easy it is to maneuver answers the needs of a person who has mobility issues and make it like a vehicle that is easy for them to use.

The KD Smart Chair new electric wheelchair may purchased online and there is a way to get financing for this this using American Health Care Lending that has fast approval, no down payment or collateral requirements, and low monthly payment options. This financing option is provided by the KD Smart Chair website. Learn more about the specifications of this electric wheelchari and watch the video when you visit the website.

KD Smart Chair foldable electric wheelchair