There is a whole group of us who like to workout at home. The advantage is usually privacy, cost and convenience. However, the disadvantages can be cost and space. There have been all kinds of “clever” ideas and inventions to solve this problem, the best one being adjustable weights. However, most of the adjustable weights on the market are bulky and not very ergonomic (meaning they are uncomfortable to use because of the design style). The bigger problem is making the adjustments from one weight to another. Some of the products are labor intensive taking too much time, or making the adjustment is just too fiddly or difficult. I'll admit it, I am impatient and when I am working out I don't want a long transition time when changing my weights, it interrupts the flow of my workout.

So I did my research, wanting something that didn't take up a lot of space, was quick and easy to use, but also affordable. What I ended up purchasing was the Jillian Michaels Ultimate 12.5 Adjustable Speed Dumbbells. Basically it is two dumbbells that sit in a tray of aligned weights, each dumbbell has 8 individual weight plates (1.25 lbs each), 4 for each side of the dumbbell. Each dumbbell can go from 2.5 lbs up to 12.5. They are super easy to use, no taking on and off weight. Just put the dumbbell into the tray where the weights are all perfectly aligned, adjust the pin and in seconds your ready pump some iron!

Reebok had made a similar product but I believe they took it off the market because of “pin” problems. It wasn't heavy duty enough to handle constant weight adjustments and would end up breaking from regular use. I haven't found any “bad” reviews about the Jillian Michaels ones and I haven't had a problem yet.

The thing I really like about them is they take up less than a square foot of space. Plus they are fairly portable so I have been known to take them with me on road trips or when I go to a friends house to workout.

I want to to buy the heavier weight set, the Jillian Michaels Ultimate 25-Pound Adjustable Speed Dumbbell. This only comes with one dumbbell so I would have to buy two. It's the exact same design as the smaller weights. I am a little worried about the longevity of the adjustment pin due to heavier weights. I would like to know if any of you have tried them and could give me some feedback - Submit your own comments and reviews below.

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