Sometimes, something simple is all you want and need. When you’re craving for something strong to wake you up, you skip the rich creamy coffee and go for an espresso. When you’re looking for comfort food, you skip the fancy fine dining and go for mom’s homemade dish. The same goes for exercise. It’s tiring enough just getting to the gym, only to have to jump from one machine to another when you get there, running on this, lifting that, pulling this, and whatever else. It would be nice, you think, to be able to just skip all the extras and go straight to what you wanted in the first place: a really great workout. Enter the JackRack, a no-fuss exercise machine that allows you to work your upper body, lower body, core and cardio with more than 50 weight-busting workouts. It’s a unique system that enables you to make use of your very own Body Weight Resistance as a workout tool, and allows you to adjust the machine to focus on different parts of your body, thanks to its Turn and Burn Technology.

The JackRack is a personalized workout all on its own. You can easily add as few or as many weights to the hand grips and curling bar to make sure you continue to get an effective, challenging workout as you get stronger. You can adjust the grips by moving them inward and outward, raising, lowering and flipping them to control the intensity and direction of your exercise, as well as the pick the muscles that they target. Just a few minutes of the JackRack each day can give you a tight, toned body. It’s easy to start using it, too. The JackRack requires no assembly, and can easily be folded to the size of an ironing board—so you can quickly stash it away until your next workout session.

The JackRack, simple as it may be, is a complete system designed to get you fit fast. Aside from the JackRack base unit, you also get 2 specially engineered hand grips and a curling bar (both of which have optional weights you can include and continually increase as you go along), workout DVDs and a Nutrition Plan, so you can supplement your JackRack workout with an all-around healthier lifestyle.

The Biggest Loser former trainer Kim Lyons, Mixed Martial Art Legend Chuck Lidell and Muscle & Fitness senior science editor Jim Stoppani have all used and attested to the power of the JackRack. It’s time you did, too. Get the JackRack and get fit today!