Exercise machines have become popular because people are more conscious about staying healthy and getting enough exercise.  Sometimes the problem is that many exercise machines available in the market target only a specific problem area in the body.  To invest in several exercise machines can drain the pocket and create a space problem.  The Iron Gym gives you a complete personal gym in the comfort of your own home in just a few seconds. Its multifunction training system gives you a total upper body workout to keep you strong and lean without the expense or the hassle.

Iron Gym’s unique and durable steel frame installs in a matter of a few seconds. It wraps around most door frames 24-32 in. wide with a doorway trim or moulding up to 3.5 in. wide. It only uses leverage and not screws or fasteners so you don’t have to worry about damaging the door. No need for tools either! The specially designed bar holds up to 300 lbs. so just about anyone can use it!

Begin your exercise with chin-ups and pull-ups that strengthen and develop your arms, shoulders, back and laterals to give you wonderfully formed biceps. You get 3 different positions to choose from: narrow grip, wide grip, and neutral. You can move from one routine to another to challenge your muscles while keeping boredom away.

Take the Iron Gym down to the floor and do deep push-ups without straining your wrists. With its unique design, the Iron Gym has a base that is sturdy enough for tricep dips.  You can end your routine with crunches at the base of the door for stone-hard abs and obliques. That’s several exercises in just one exercise equipment!

The Iron Gym is lightweight and easy to carry around with you. Weighing only 4.7 lbs. and just 13 X 36.6 X 11 inches big, you can take the Iron Gym anywhere you go. Get visible results with just minutes of workout a day in just 30 days!!! See your muscles in your upper body grow with every exercise you do.

Do away with expensive exercise machines that take up so much valuable space in your home. The Iron Gym is a great compact body sculpting and strength-building tool that will easily give you the attractive upper body you’ve always dreamed of, while addressing your midsection concerns as well. With the Iron Gym, no upper body problem is a problem.