Insanity Workout SystemDo you want to have great, toned abs, taut and strong muscles and lose that unwanted body fat in just 60 days? Then be ready to commit to an insane program developed by Shaun T, your personal trainer on DVD, who will work you to the hilt and test your physical and mental limits. He will give you the kind of body you have always wanted to have - all in just 60 days. All you need is just a strong will to give your best, focus on your end goal and take the Insanity Workout System!

Shaun T developed the hardest workout program you have probably ever seen by doing something radically different from the usual workouts. Regular workout programs have moderate workouts followed by short periods of intense burn. In the case of the Insanity Workout System, Shaun T turned this upside down and instead makes you do intense workouts with very short periods of rest in between. It comes with 10 workout discs which contain plyometric drills in addition to nonstop intervals of workouts that will target your strength, power, resistance, ab and core. This workout program does not use weights or equipment. All you need is the determination to get through the 60-day regimen.

When you order the Insanity Workout System, you get, in addition to the 10 discs, a nutrition plan which is designed to keep your body nourished throughout these intense workouts, an Insanity Calendar to keep track of your progress, a fitness guide, and online support tools giving you access to fitness experts.  Now, are you up to the challenge?

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