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How would you like to jump higher, run faster, become more agile, and get the endurance to play for hours? Have you ever wished to become more like your favorite athlete? Play footsies with a ball like a soccer champion, climb rocks faster, hike longer trails, and speed up your reaction time within a month with Shaun T's Insanity The Asylum.

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Time for a plan of action, if you truly want to succeed in whatever game you play. Shaun T will show you how with 6 Intense Sports Training Workout DVDs of various trainings such as Speed and Agility, Vertical Plyo, Relief, Strength, Game Day, and Back to Core. When you have accomplished these DVDs, Shaun T pushes you even harder by providing you with the 15 Minute Overtime DVD and a measurement tool with the Athletic Performance Assessment DVD so you can find out how much you have improved.

Now that the strategy is set, you need the tools to execute it. A Workout Calendar will be given to you for your cross-training, a Guide Playbook to map out your transformation, and the Get Shredded Nutrition Plan to give you the right intake.

There are a couple of things that you still will need. Training equipment. A portable Agility Ladder and a Speed Rope will be isssued to you. Simple but effective, step-by-step, for 30 days of unbelievable fabulously intense workouts, you can achieve success. Once you have completed Insanity The Asylum, you will be given a "I'm Committed" T-shirt. No one can just buy this shirt, it has to be earned!

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