This takes the cake as far as realistic, real-time, live workouts go! Using wireless technology, coupled with a laptop or your iPhone, and your fitness equipment, iFit Live allows you to download personalized workouts and upload your workout results on a real-tme basis, run routes in different countries using Google Maps. And that’s not all. You can now manage your food intake and access information on its nutritional and caloric content via iFit Live. And whenever you feel challenged, switch to one of the workouts designed by Jillian Michaels, America’s toughest trainer and wellness expert.

Before anything else, make sure your fitness equipment is able to receive information wirelessly or via USB. The secret behind iFit Live lies in its use of wireless technology and Google Maps to give you a fitness experience like never before. Here’s how it works. Simply connect the iFit Live module to your computer. Then go to to create your profile and fitness goals. Customized workouts for your equipment like treadmill, elliptical trainer or exercise bike and other equipment can then be downloaded into the module. iFit Live can communicate wirelessly with your wifi-equipped fitness equipment. When your fitness equipment is not fitted for wifi, you can use a common USB memory device. Insert the module into your fitness equipment console to download the workout routine into it and you’re ready to go. iFit Live workouts control your equipment. Speed and incline levels (or resistance on an elliptical bike) are adjusted depending on the intensity of the workout. Jillian Michaels provides 14 intensity levels ranging from extremely slow walking to fast sprinting/steep incline. Each level has workouts covering an 8-week period. You will actually hear Jillian talking to you in each of these workouts. Imagine having her as your personal trainer!

The experience using iFit Live doesn’t stop there. Using Google Maps, you can actually run routes anywhere in the world even from the comfort of your home. iFit Live has workouts powered by Google Maps, integrating even geographical features like steep roads into your running route. Choose to run around the Acropolis, for example, by marking your route. iFit Live accesses Google Map’s Street View mode so that you “see” where you are running, almost as though you were there. Try running the New York Marathon route and you’ll experience running along the Verrazano Bridge. While running and you note Google Maps showing elevations along the route, be prepared because when you reach that part, your fitness equipment likewise increases incline to give you a tougher run.

With iFit Live, you can monitor everything you eat and download food plans from Record your meals online or do it through your iPhone if you have the iFit app. You’ll instantly see the calories you’re consuming as well as the nutritional content.

Personalized training with Jillian coupled with the customized workouts you get on your fitness equipment, plus the global experience of running different routes in different cities and countries make iFit Live an awesome, global, personalized, real-time workout experience like no other.

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