Long hours hunched over your desk or on a computer can take its toll on your back and shoulders. However, there are just some days when you have very little or no time to rest at all, especially when you are rushing to finish a project or task.  Discomfort and pain on your shoulders, neck, chest, and back can drastically hamper your movements and can lower productivity. To give you fast, soothing relief and to help relieve the pain while you are at work, use the Hot and Cold Comfort Wrap.

The Hot and Cold Comfort Wrap is a unique upper body stress-reliever product which re-energizes your body by releasing a comforting warmth or coolness to the affected body areas. It is a great remedy to heal arthritic pain and relieve muscular stiffness while relaxing your whole body. The Hot and Cold Comfort Wrap looks like a padded vest or open jacket which covers your back, shoulders, neck, and chest. It is contoured to fit snugly around you. When you like it hot, pop it into the microwave for a minute at the most; if you want it cold, put it in the freezer for at least an hour and that will do the trick. However you may choose to use it, hot or cold, it will certainly relax your tired muscles, soothe inflamed bones, and ease painful joints. It feels like a wearable compress which deeply massages the whole upper body. In no time, your body will feel very relaxed and you will be ready to go back to work feeling vibrant again.

Use the Hot and Cold Comfort Wrap wherever you are and as often as you need it. You can even continue to go about your chores at home with it draped over your back and shoulders. With regular use, your body will stay stress-free and pain-free while allowing you to stay productive at work.

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