Horizon FitnessT701Are you looking for a good treadmill that will have you feeling secure while you are on it? Have you tried the models in the discount stores and nearly given up on finding a treadmill that you like? Have you been thinking about joining a gym just to be able to use a high quality treadmill? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you will be happy to learn about a wonderful treadmill that will make you feel like you are on one of the durable ones that you will find at the gym. The Horizon Fitness T701 is built to provide you with everything that you could ask for in a treadmill.

The Horizon Fitness T701 has a large and sturdy base that will leave you feeling secure and well balanced while you are on it. It also has a lot of great features such as, a deck that has the perfect amount of shock absorption so that you won't have to worry about causing yourself knee injuries or pain when you walk or run on it, an MP3 input so that you can enjoy all of the music that you want during your workout, a powerful and quiet motor, and a large display panel that will help you to keep track of your progress.

When you step on to the Horizon Fitness T701, you will feel as if you are on one of the high quality treadmills that you normally only see at the gym. However, you will be lucky enough to have one of these great treadmills right in the comfort of your own home. Another thing that you will be able to appreciate about this treadmill is that you are able to fold it up in a way that will help you to store it out of the way when you need the extra space. If you have decided to order it for yourself then you will want to make use that you order from the above link, you will save $900.00 and get free shipping when you use the link.

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