Keeping a healthy body and disposition makes a person look and feel young. So, it is no wonder that dancing has, over the years, been a good form of exercise for many people who want to invigorate their whole body and have a positive outlook in life. If you want to incorporate dancing with exercise, Chalene Johnson has created Hip Hop HUSTLE, a fun and upbeat set of exercise routines for you and your friends.

Hip Hop HUSTLE has four (4) DVDs (Fan 1 to Fan 4) which become more complex as you progress in the program. No matter what level you are in, you will enjoy the exercise routines which are accompanied by several upbeat music tunes. Starting with Fan 1, your muscles and joints are given a taste of simple hip hop dance moves. As you move along in the program and reach Fan 4, the steps get more difficult, but not impossible to accomplish. It is at this point that your body gets maximum results and calories start to burn. For as long as you do it right, calories will burn fast, leaving your whole body and mind feeling more energized. Hip Hop HUSTLE is fun because you exercise to dance music and you almost feel like it's not exercise. What is also amazing about Hip Hop HUSTLE is that this fitness program is suited for all ages, and it is so much fun and exciting to do, either by yourself or with friends.

Hip Hop HUSTLE is a unique exercise program that sets it apart from other exercise programs. Hip Hop HUSTLE helps you lose weight while you enjoy the dance moves. It also keeps your mind active and your body firm and healthy. You and your friends will be surprised at how fast you can get optimum results from easy-to-follow Hip Hop HUSTLE movements. Get started now and see the results yourself.

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