Green Tea Mineral BoostAre you or your children into sports? Active athletes? Always on the go? Then you probably know that it is important to stay hydrated, replenishing your body with all nutrients that are lost during physical activities. You cannot afford to become dehydrated as this results in sluggishness and feelings of weakness. However, before you reach out for that soda which is sugar-laden or that bottle of energy drink to rehydrate yourself, take a look at the Green Tea Mineral Boost – a different way of rehydrating and staying healthy.

Green Tea Mineral Boost is a drink which is naturally-orange in flavor making it something tolerable to everyone in the family. With just one serving of this drink, you get the equivalent of 70 highly-absorbable minerals. In addition, you get the equivalent of two cups of Green Tea, soothing Aloe Vera and 12 other important vitamins. Aloe Vera, when taken internally as a capsule, helps constipation, diabetes-caused ulcers, gastritis, hyperacidity, stomach inflammation and ulcers. Green Tea Mineral Boost does not contain any sugar. It is sweetened with stevia, a sweetener and sugar substitute. Stevia, which has 300 times the sweetness of sugar, has risen in demand as a low-carbohydrate, low-sugar food alternative. Of course, you know that green tea is known for its herbal benefits. Combining green tea with aloe vera and the other minerals included in the Green Tea Mineral Boost then provides you with a potent drink.

When you order two jars of Green Tea Mineral Boost, you get a third jar free. Just pay shipping and handling. Imagine getting 3 jars for the price of two! Try Green Tea Mineral Boost now and see how it can easily be your workout companion.

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