The Free Flexor is a dumbbell that flexes. Free Flexor is Control. Free Flexor will give you Power. Free Flexor give you the freedom to Move the Weight.

With Free moving weights at both ends of the flexible rod, the intense upper body workout can be executed. Instead of just moving the arm in one angle with the old dumbell, get full range of motion with 20 workout routines in one dynamic gym equipment.

When a dumbbell is moved, it only can go one way. The range of motion is limited. Even kettlebells provide movement that is single.

The Free Flexor can move in all directions as the balls on the ends that has the weight may spin. The circular motion gives you a challenge to hold it, to manipulate the motion, and the weight tones the muscles.

Check out this Free Flexor reviews video to see how to work it.

Resistance training and weight training can be yours in the complete upper body workout of Free Flexor.

The design of the dumbbell has been the same for ages. What makes those old dumbbells effective is the movement you create. To make a difference to your dumbbell workout, you need to get a heavier one. The same principle is applied to kettlebells. It's simply adding weight but not the range of motion.

So what will happen if you increase the weight? You gain muscle mass. Yet, what if you want to tone your shoulders, chest, upper and lower arms, back muscles, and the waist area? To get ripped and burn the fat, it's got to have some form of resistance - which is what happens when you use the Free Flexor.

How many muscles get the maxed out workout with an ordinary dumbbell or kettlebell? How many muscles and muscle groups will move to be able to use the Free Flexor? The workout routine is totally optimized.

You might have seen the Shake Weight which is another popular gym machine. Compared to an ordinary dumbbell, that was more effective - can you imagine what the Free Flexor may do for you?

When you want to get lean and ripped, tone those muscles really quick, build muscle mass and lessen the strain, when you use the fantastic Free Flexor.