Have you been on different kinds of diet programs? Some require you to eat only certain foods while others restrict other kinds of food. Sometimes you start out trying to conform to the program but over time, it gets difficult to stick to it and oftentimes, people slack off and go back to eating the food they crave for. Why go through that? The Food Lovers Fat Loss Program is not a diet program. Eat any  food you want to eat, at the right time, and lose fat. This program uses a simple scientific approach that combines certain kinds of food in order to increase metabolism.

With the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program, there is nothing forbidden. Instead, it works on the basis of research in nutrition science that point to the fact that certain foods when consumed together, burn fat faster. This is good news for people who want to lose weight and unwanted fat but still want to eat what the family eats or dine in restaurants without having to pick and choose through its menu.

Our body reacts to the food we eat and affects blood sugar levels. If blood sugar is too high, hormones are released and places the body in fat-storing mode. Likewise, if blood sugar is too low, the body thinks it is starving and also goes into fat-storing mode. The secret is finding that balance where neither of these conditions happens. By hitting on the right food combination, the body can be brought into a fat-burning mode rather than in a fat-storing mode. This is what the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program is all about.


Here’s what you get with the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program:

  1. 21-Day Metabolism Makeover – a step-by-step plan to reset your metabolism and melt that body dfat
  2. How to Make a Fat-Loss Plate – tips on whipping up a plateful of fat-loss food
  3. Eating Out Advisor – how to order fat-burning meals in a restaurant
  4. The Love to Eat Cookbook – mouth-watering recipes
  5. Million Meals Menu Planner – different meal combinations to keep stoking the fat-burning furnace in your body
  6. Snack and Treat Guide – over 1,000 snacks that keep your metabolism running
  7. Classic Comfort Food Recipe Guides- quick and easy recipes of comfort foods like mashed potatoes, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and even desserts like brownies and apple pie
  8. Fat Loss Secrets Day-by-Day CD Series – daily motivation, tips and shortcuts on CD
  9. Food Lovers for Life – a complete maintenance program to keep unwanted weight off forever

There’s no need to drastically change one’s lifestyle with the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program. With it, you continue eating the food you love and still burn that unwanted fat.