Get a toned and lean body just like that of a ballet dancer’s in the very comfort of your home. With the Fluidity Workout bar and the workout DVDs that come with it, specially designed by Michelle Austin, not only do you do ballet-like exercises but each of those movements has specific target body areas. The combined effect of the Fluidity Bar and the workouts work all 630–plus body muscles with some exercises toning and strengthening particular body parts.

The Fluidity Workout combines extensive research in exercise physiology and kinesiology. Its total program addresses muscle integration, pelvic stability and core strength, more intense calorie-burning exercises, strengthening of the back and true functional training. With as little as two 30-minute workouts per week, you can tone, shape and firm up your body.

The Lotte Berke method created by ballerina Lotte Berke is the basis of the Fluidity Workout, which is centered on the use of one’s own body weight to develop whole-body strength. The workout’s focus is on strengthening the back of the body more than the front. Movements are performed in a neutral pelvic position, thus supporting the spine and enabling optimum movement. By using one’s own weight rather than weights, the arms are strengthened and toned proportionately. And because the shoulder is a complicated joint which is the first to deteriorate with age, resistance bands are incorporated into the Fluidity Workout to strengthen this area.

Ballet dancers may look good on stage but on a day-to-day basis, they do not just dance. They work out on a wall-mounted ballet barre, using their own body weight. The Fluidity Workout’s bar is similar to the ballerina’s barre and more.

The Fluidity Workout bar is made of all-natural wood and unlike the ballet barre, it is not a fixed height. Rather, it is adjustable to your height and degree of flexibility. It goes only as far as you can. A rubber-coated mat protects carpets from scratches and protects you from slippages on slippery floors. And when you’re done, it folds flat for easy storage under the bed or in a closet.

Aside from the Fluidity Bar, the Fluidity Workout comes with four videos, a ball and pump, two resistance bands, a healthy eating guide and an owner’s manual.

Strengthen your arms, legs and back with the Fluidity Workout. Like a ballet dancer, you will be developing your whole body so that your limbs, muscles and joints retain its elasticity, flexibility and strength well past your prime.