Ladies love to have fun and look good, which is why every woman tries to set aside time to go out with her girlfriends, to make sure her hair and nails are pretty and polished, and of course, to keep fit and sexy. Among those things, keeping in shape is almost always the most difficult (and the least enjoyable) to do. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a workout that didn’t feel like a torturous training session week after week? With Flirty Girl Fitness, you can now tone, tighten and lose inches where needed—all just by having a blast doing the hippest and hottest dance moves.

Flirty Girl Fitness comes with 6 exciting fitness routines: Booty Beat, Chair Fit, Chair Dance, Just Teasing, and bonus workouts like Sexy Stretch, and Abs & Booty. Each routine is 35 minutes to an hour in length, with Flirty Girl Fitness creators Krista and Kerry guiding you through each routine, one step at a time. No longer will you have to endure long and boring workout routines and using dull exercise equipment. Flirty Girl Fitness gives you routines that are both entertaining and effective, leaving you with fun full body workouts that sculpt your figure as they strengthen your core. The best part is -- you can see results in as little as 10 days!

Have you ever had a surge of determination to drop those extra pounds, only to lose all of your willpower on your first session on the stair climber or upon watching the first 5 minutes of that tiresome and tedious workout video you just purchased? Flirty Girl Fitness keeps you hooked on getting fit day after day, week after week, by making workouts feel more like night-outs. Get rid of those ancient and unappealing exercise machines, and say hello to dance poles and flirty feather boas. You’ll transform your body as you do some of the most sizzling and exotic dances from music videos, the club, and more.

Flirty Girl Fitness keeps your workouts as new and as exciting as you would want them to be with The Flirty Girl Fun & Fit Program. For just an additional fee every month, you can get 2 Flirty Girl Fitness DVD workouts in 30 days, and every other month after that. Plus, as you master each routine, you can even have a go at it on your own with the “music only” option on each DVD. Flirty Girl Fitness guarantees your satisfaction. Each new video, along with Flirty Girl Fitness, is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With a workout this fun and fresh, there is no good reason to put off getting fit any longer. Get ready to show off your new shape with Flirty Girl Fitness today!