I have an extremely fit friend; he is always giving me tips to stay in shape. He was the first one to tell me about Flex Enervive, so I tapped his brain and had him give me his Flex Enervive review from someone who knows what he's talking about!

My friend, Mark, has been in really good shape for his whole life. But recently he told said he wanted to push his body to the next level and really be look great. But of course he was looking for the easiest path to the most benefits. I told him about other weight stimulation stuff, but he said he tried those with little result. But after a while, he stumbled upon a more professional version of one of those As Seen on TV muscle stimulator things. He said he was drawn to it immediately after learning that big name professional athletes and models. He said even sport therapists and massage therapists used it.

It seemed counter intuitive to me, but he said by stimulating the muscles, he felt much more relaxed. Unlike after a hard workout, there was no strain -- he said it because the system targeted all the muscles, so there was no friction between other muscles. That made some sense to me, but he said he never got sore after using the FlexEnervive system. He said he even used it after a tough work out to relax his muscles while getting a little boost to his routine.

He said the system -- which is basically little electrical pads you stick to key muscle areas -- worked on by way of EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) technology. Which was the same principle as those As Seen on TV ab belts, but at a professional level. The pads stick to your body and send electric stimulation through your body, causing your muscled to flex.

He loved to work out, but what attracted me to the system was the fact that you could do it while you were doing just about anything else. He let me borrow it for a day and I just did my household chores with the pads on. It was a little strange at first to have my muscles just flex on their own. But I felt like I had had a good workout after just vacuuming the house. But like he said, I never got sore. After my chores, I moved the pads to my abs and watched some TV, it was really neat!

Even just a day with the system, I could tell my muscles were really working better than they had before. Muscles that I didn’t even know existed felt better. I had none of those bothersome body aches.

So, if you're looking for a supplement to your workout routine or trying to find an easy workout on its own, check it out. Buy Flex Enervive and help your body be better.

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