Excess fat can kill. And if you have too much excess fat, even if you are still in your 30s or way into your 50s and beyond, your body is already vulnerable to diseases of the heart, stroke, cancer, arthritis, and other medical conditions that come with being way over your ideal weight. Fitness Watchers is not a diet program which oftentimes makes one lose weight but gain it all back soon after; neither is it a fitness program that places physical demands on your body. Instead, it is called a lifestyle because it teaches you what kinds of food help the body burn unwanted fat. The entire program comes in the form of e-books so they are portable and easy to refer to anywhere you go, even when you travel.

The body knows how to protect and heal itself and certain foods, when eaten the right way and in the right combination, can actually help burn excess fat. As they say, knowledge is power. And knowing how the body works makes you choose how to live your life more healthily. Not only will you learn to detox the body and get rid of the toxin build-up but the Fitness Watchers e-books will also give you valuable information about super foods that provide the fiber, protein and fat-burning properties that will let you lose the weight and fat while making you even more healthy.

With your order of Fitness Watchers come the following:

The Triple Threat e-book provides time-tested, interactive and customized diet plans you can do from Day One. Over 220 e-book pages give you access to health and weight loss strategies that have been closely guarded for a long time.

Four other bonus e-books cover topics such as understanding food labels, how to avoid microbes and toxic chemicals in your food, super foods and how to choose the right fitness equipment that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but still be effective in keeping your weight down and your body toned.

Losing the excess fat also means gaining back some of your youthfulness and vitality. With the help of Fitness Watchers, see how much lighter your body feels. Your skin will show a healthier glow while your body grows even stronger now that the right kind of foods are being ingested. Start your journey to health now with Fitness Watchers.