Extenze Male Natural EnhancementExtenZe Male Enhancement: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

There is so much talk about ExtenZe lately, even after years on TV the buzz is still strong. So a lot of people that don't typically buy such drugs or supplements -- but does it live up to the hype?

It would be nice if you could just ask your friends all about ExtenZe, but that can be quite awkward and embarrassing. So hopefully this article can answer any questions you might have about ExtenZe Male Enhancement supplements.

Watch The ExtenZe Male Enhancement Commercial As Seen on TV

Firstly, a lot of people wonder how exactly the ExtenZe formula works.

The ExtenZe results vary, but at the core, the pills are a herbal supplement that target the blood flow to the penis. When erect, three penile chambers fill with blood. ExtenZe supplements allow more blood to flow into these chambers, gently stretching them. Since the gentle stretching goes slow -- and safe -- it takes two to four weeks to work at optimal level. But the herbs in ExtenZe are so basic, that some growth in girth and length can be seen (and felt) in just a few days.

Secondly, most people want to know if there are any ExtenZe side effects.

Since the ExtenZe formula is completely herbal, the side effects are Extenzenegligible. Potential users with a lot of allergies should discuss it with their doctor. And anyone with a heart condition should make sure their heart can handle the new blood flow.

Most users only report side effects of quitting, when the stretched chambers shrink back to normal size and the ExtenZe effect wears off.

Thirdly, potential users looking to buy want to know how much the ExtenZe formula costs

The ExtenZe infomercials can be quite vague when it comes to how much it actually costs. The NASCAR themed commercials mostly advertise the ExtenZe free trial. While the free trial only lasts a week or so, but after that users can re-up their dosage in 30-pill bottles for about $40. There are deals for larger bottles, up to $214 for 180 pills with a savings of $145 off the retail price.

Lastly, many people are concerned with ExtenZe scams and how to spot them.

With just about anything sold on the internet, scammers try to take advantage of people trying to do real research and buy name brand products. Potential users should watch out for websites that promise free trials that last more than a week and for misspellings.

Extense, Extends, and Extendz are some of the misspellings to take note of. And users should make sure their money is secure, buying ExtenZe from only the official website or affiliates.

Millions have people have tried ExtenZe and swear by the results. So check it out and get on the path to a bigger you and more confidence in and out of the bedroom.

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