Exerspy by DotFITIf you are trying to lose weight and get into shape, then you will want a way to be able to view how many calories you are burning while you are working out. That is why you will want to get yourself the Exerspy. This great product will help you to determine which of your exercises are working the best and burning the most calories. When you are trying to get into shape, it is important that you do the exercises that will help you to see the results you want to the fastest. This is one way in which the Exerspy can really help you to meet your goals much sooner.

One great feature of the Exerspy is that you will be able to view your progress from a 360 degree angle; this means that you will be able to wear it anywhere on yourself and still be able to view those results. This product will also help you to keep track of the amount of steps you take during the day; this can be very helpful to anyone that wants to incorporate a good walking program in to their schedule. You will even be able to view your sleep efficiency. When it comes to a product having a lot of great features to help with your workout routine, the Exerspy takes the cake.

If you want to really be impressed, then you will want to know that the Exerspy will even allow you to print reports. When you see everything that this product has to offer, it's easy to understand how helpful it can be to your routine. You will be able to make sure that your workouts are getting you the results you want. You can use the information from the Exerspy in order to tailor the perfect program for yourself.

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