Electrosage 8Are you satisfied with your body build? Do you want more muscle on your body? If so, try the new Electrosage 8 and see the new you in minutes! Electrosage 8 is perhaps the only massage equipment which you can use while you do your daily routine at home, at work, or even while traveling.

Having your own portable massage and toning equipment in this day and age has never before been so easy, and Electrosage 8 is here to stay. Electrosage 8 is safe, compact, and effective to use. A complete set of Electrosage 8 includes the following items: (1) Electrosage 8 control pad; (2) Instructional Manual; (3) Eight (8) replaceable massaging pads; (4) Pad massage system; (5) Compact battery-operated system; and Portable carrying case. It is important, however, to see your doctor first to verify whether your body is in great shape before the Electrosage 8 machine is used. People who have undergone an operation and those who have skin and health disorders are discouraged from using this equipment. In short, preventive measures are much better than recovery measures. For men and women who want to get maximum results with minimum effort, Electrosage 8 is the answer to their problems. The eight (8) replaceable pads come in 4 small pads for use on your face and 4 large pads for use on any area of your body which you wish to tone, specifically your abs, biceps, arms, thighs, and leg areas. Because Electrosage 8 acts like a portable massaging machine, your body muscles do not only feel relaxed, but you also get energized from the toning and sculpturing it receives. You will see the results in just minutes.

Where else can you find a great exercise instrument that massages your body while you work? Give yourself a treat.

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