Electronic ToothbrushAre you satisfied with the performance of your toothbrush? How often do you change your toothbrush? What are the benefits of using an Electronic Toothbrush as compared to an ordinary toothbrush? There are different types and brands of Electronic Toothbrushes available in the market today. Allow me to give you the advantages of using an Electronic Toothbrush over the ordinary toothbrush which most people use to manually brush their teeth with.

An Electronic Toothbrush compared to an ordinary toothbrush is obviously battery-operated. The toothbrush head rotates in one direction only, removing plaque and tartar easily without hurting your teeth and gums. Some Electronic Toothbrushes have a built-in timer which makes brushing much easier as it reminds you when brushing in one place is done, before going to another portion of your mouth to clean. Over-brushing of the teeth may cause the toothbrush to remove the outer lining of the teeth, just as premature or under-brushing may cause deficient oral sanitation. It is, therefore, important to primarily check with your dentist as to which kind of Electronic Toothbrush is best fitted for your teeth and lifestyle, and what toothpaste would equally be best to use. Some toothpastes have been found to have baking soda as one of its ingredients. Baking soda in toothpaste is alright to use; however, using baking soda alone is not recommended because it is abrasive to your teeth and may do more damage to them.

It is equally important to take note that brushing your teeth regularly is not the only way to prevent bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, broken and missing teeth. Avoid sweets in food and drinks. A balanced diet is also necessary to help you have healthy, clean teeth. Visit your dentist regularly and brush with an electronic toothbrush.

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