Generic vitamins that contain fixed amounts of different vitamins may seem affordable and a lot cheaper but don’t always provide your body with the specific vitamins and nutrients it needs.  This is why nutraceuticals like Econugenics play a special role. Combining the best of modern science and ancient wisdom from traditional Chinese and Tibetan healing, as well as extensive research, the most advanced condition-specific nutraceuticals are produced.

Founded in 1995 by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a pioneer and expert in the field of integrative medicine and who is also a clinical practitioner, formulator, researcher and author, Econugenics produces health supplements that focus on the following areas:

Breast health – Econugenics’ BreastDefend is a comprehensive dietary supplement that combines cutting-edge research and traditional herbal medicine. Eight clinically tested compounds including DIM, an ingredient found in broccoli, are included in this product’s formulation as research seems to point to its contribution to cellular health and healthy estrogen metabolism.

Cellular healthPectaSol-C contains modified citrus petrin whose molecular size was controlled to ensure it is absorbed into the bloodstream, unlike regular pectin whose molecular size is too large. When absorbed into the bloodstream, citrus pectin promotes cellular health and supports healthy cell growth.

Prostate careProstaCaid contains 33 scientifically researched nutrients specially formulated to support cellular health, sustain immune system and detoxify the liver.

ChelationPectaSol Chelation Complex supports chelation or the removal of toxic, heavy metals from the body.

DetoxificationDetox Complete contains 22 herbs whose formulation provides a powerful cleansing and detoxifying supplement while supporting liver and kidney health.

Circulatory healthCircutrol is composed of 6 natural heart-protective botanicals and 2 medicinal mushrooms to promote healthy blood circulation and healthy blood pressure.

Cardiovascular healthPadma Basic uses an herbal tonic used in Tibetan medicine. It helps your body respond healthily to inflammation and promotes both cardiovascular as well as immune health.

Immune healthOrganic Ten Mushroom Formula uses the discovered medicinal uses of mushrooms to provide gentle, daily, and long-term immune support.

Digestive healthIntegrative Digestive Formula is a formulation of enzymes, minerals, medicinal mushrooms and herbs for a healthy, regular digestive system.

Metabolic healthIntegrative Metabolic Formula helps the body respond to sugar and promotes healthy insulin levels.

Start your journey to better health now. The different products of Econugenics ensure that you get only targeted supplements for whichever health condition you want to address. No more, no less.