Gem drinkWomen suffering from the grueling side effects of menopause finally have an ally in their battle: Drink Gem.

Anyone who knows a woman who's battled menopause knows it can be quite a struggle. The hot flashes, the night sweats and the orneriness can make life unbearable sometimes.

The only option for many women is taking pain killers and chugging tea and hoping they finally work.

Those options seldom work and women seek other treatments and homeopathic medicines which can sometimes give relief, but can be costly and horrible to take.

Drink Gem, however, works by putting a lot of doctor suggested remedies into a great tasting drink. So when those menopause symptoms give you pause, you can just sip on a cool drink and have near instant relief.

For under $50 women can get a month's supply of the drink. But users should take note to cancel their subscription if they don't like the drink or another supply will come next month.

Try Drink Gem today and see what real menopause relief feels like.