Dr NumbIs fear of acute pain the only thing that’s stopping you from going ahead with that much wanted tattoo, laser treatment, minor surgery, body piercing or waxing procedure? Dr. Numb Numbing Cream is a handy solution that can come to your rescue when you need a quality anesthetic cream that not just numbs your body but does it fast and lasts for long. A single application of the cream can last for up to 4 hours and Dr. Numb is a complete non oily formula that can quickly and effectively numb your skin.

A topical anesthetic cream, Dr. Numb contains pure Lidocaine and Prilocaine and is the sole water based numbing application available in the market today. The cream doesn’t get in the way of the ink or the elasticity of the skin and dramatically reduces the needle pain during tattooing, piercing and laser treatments, which is why it is so popular with tattoo and cosmetic professionals all over the world. Several tattoo parlors, laser clinics, piercing shops and pediatricians make use of the cream to help ease their client’s or patient’s pain.

Dr. Numb Numbing Cream also helps get rid of unnecessary pain during any other needle injection in the body like a blood test or during cannulations and vaccinations. Using only the purest form of the lidocaine element, the product works by temporarily blocking the path of electrical pain signals near the nerves by obstructing the sodium from making headway into the nerve ending where you would have normally felt the pain.

It is a smart way to get your beauty, cosmetic or surgical procedures done without any pain and the best part is that the product doesn’t have any side-effects on your skin. Dr. Numb is also a top selling product in its category and is completely medically tested, efficient and economically priced.

Beauty in a safe, painless and hassle- free way, isn’t that on the wish list of most women today?

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