Dr. Junger's Clean Program21 days. That's all you need in order to clean your body using Dr. Junger's Clean Program. And don't worry about your busy schedule: this program was specially designed for people in motion and doesn't require that you stay at home for the duration of the treatment. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you're on your way towards a healthier body. First, order your Clean Kit and then claim it using the official website in order to gain access to special video tutorials and community support. The other three steps are connected to your three daily meals. In the morning, you should drink a shake and the morning supplements. The shake consists of water and two products from the Clean Kit. Then, at lunch, you have to eat your meal from the Elimination Diet and your afternoon supplements. Finally, for dinner, there's another shake and your evening supplements. However, if you have a larger than life business dinner, go right ahead with your plans but be sure that the next day you eat your solid meal at lunch.

Doing this program will do wonders for your health, as it re-balances your system's ability to heal itself. The shake powders are made from brown rice protein that contains all the minerals and nutrients you need to support daily cell metabolism and additional detoxification, specifically the first two phases of liver detoxification. The kit also contains quality fiber powder and probiotics in order to resupply your organism with healthy flora, herbal microbioticals to get rid of yeast and pathogenic bacteria ans herbal supplements for regulating insulin peaks and downs.

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