Dr Ho's Muscle TherapyHas muscle pain ever been a barrier to your happiness? Well, worry no more. Dr Ho's Muscle Therapy will give you the solution to achieve a stress-free and healthy way of living. Read further and I will tell you why.

Dr Ho's Muscle Therapy comes with the following accessories: (1) an instructional video and (2) an owner's manual for easy step-by-step procedures; (3) two mini gel pads; (4) two additional mini gel pads; and (5) a carrying case for all the above mentioned items. Optional items to get are: (1) two large toning pads called flextone pads used for covering a large portion of your body; and (2) a pair of foot-relief pads. The wires that stick out from Dr Ho's Muscle Therapy are each attached to the mini gel pads, flextone pads, or foot-relief pads, the covers of which are removed before wetting & attaching both pads simultaneously to the aching part of your body. You can be certain that Dr Ho's Muscle Therapy unit will give you the optimum performance and reliability you are looking for. Dr Ho's Muscle Therapy unit give out electrodes which stimulate muscles on your neck, face, shoulders, arms, torso, and legs, and therefore, make your whole body feel relaxed and energized. What is good about it is that it only takes 20 minutes to get immediate relief from pain. Keep in mind that you can use Dr Ho's Muscle Therapy in any position--whether in a sitting, standing, or lying position, as long as you follow the correct directions on your manual and video.

Many people have used Dr Ho's Muscle Therapy to stay happy, healthy, and productive in life. Do you want the same thing to happen in your life? Do the right thing and buy it now!

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