Diabetic Connect Free MeterManaging diabetes can be tough - when you are first diagnosed the changes you need to make can practically turn your life upside. Your diets and activities need to be changed, you need to closely monitor your sugar levels and may need to take medication (like insulin) to ensure that you can function properly.

Monitoring your blood sugar level requires you to have an accurate meter and while there are many meters available on the market, some can be pretty expensive and others may be too bulky and cumbersome to comfortably take with you when you’ll need to check your levels on the road.

Diabetic Connect has a potential solution to both problems mentioned above – they offer a free UltraMini Meter to those who qualify and all you need to do is fill out a short and simple form that should take no more than a few minutes. The Diabetic Connect free meter is so small that it can fit right in your purse or pocket and go with you anywhere you need to take it, but it’s very accurate and reliable enough for everyday monitoring.

When you’ve got diabetes, you’ve got to be on schedule with your meals and with your monitoring – you can’t always wait until it’s convenient to check your sugar levels. The Diabetic Connect free meter is the perfect way to monitor your levels regardless of where you are or what you’re doing – it’s small enough to go anywhere, it’s incredibly easy to use and it’s reliable and accurate. This UltraMini meter is everything you could want to monitor your sugar levels, plus it’s absolutely free if you meet the qualifications and take five minute to just fill out a simple form.

Get your Diabetic Connect Free Meter from meter.diabeticconnect.com